Postcard Calendar 2022


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Finding Jewels

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This is a postcard calendar. During this year I painted 8 of the 12 pictures. The first drafts for the new pictures have been in my sketchbook for a while and were kept on my to-paint list : Like some of the heroine figures and the naked beauty in the water lily pond (Shakticards No. 82-85, 89). The new cards are both: very mature and at the same time also up to date. They have complex meanings and are rich in metaphor and symbolism.

The water lily picture has also contributed the motto 'Finding Jewels'. The jewel in the lotus - these are the words of the well-known mantra OM MANI PADME HUM. Jewel and lotus symbolize the sublime aim of liberation or enlightenment in the Buddhist and yogic tradition. In my picture cycle they stand for all that is noble, beautiful and valuable. To seek jewels means to me to strive for happiness and well-being. In this search we have to clarifying and perhaps correct our values. (Shakticard No. 82, 85, 90) In this process we can learn from nature and receive its gifts. (Shakticards No. 86 - 88)

For me as a visual artist, this unusual time is a very creative one. I combine the current with the timeless, the tangible with the incomprehensible. What surrounds and moves me, flows - directly or indirectly - into my work. Do you recognize something? I am curious what you will see my pictures. I wish, my calendar will be uplifting for you and and inspires your treasure-seeking!
Shakti Silke de Sousa, Berlin (September 2021)


postcard calendar with 12 Shakticards
width 10.7 cm x height 21.7 cm
The calendar has a hanging hole and is intended for wall hanging. But it can also be set up quite well if you spread the pages a little. It is held together with an adhesive binding at the top. A past month can be
torn off (like on a writing pad). The postcards are pre-cut and easy to separate along perforation lines.

in a nice paper bag

limited artist edition with 1500 copies

printed on postcard board 280g/m2

no waste, no plastic, printed on paper from certified FSC mix, transported CO2 neutral