Wall Calendar 2017


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Enjoy the timeless beautiful pictures in size A4!

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On the Wings of Yoga

Wings and the ability to fly are the guiding theme of my calendar for 2017.
My source of inspiration were winged beings from nature and the spiritual world which I set in relation to yoga. They led me to creative high-altitude flights and grounded me on my yoga mat. An interesting subject at many levels that offers great creative opportunities to play with!

The spiral-shaped calendars are decorated by delicate geometrical Mandalas. They are a real highlight and make the calendar pages, beside the practical use, to a subtle piece of art.

Quite different 'fliers' are represented in the calendar. Included are the pigeon (Kapotasana, Rajakapotasana), the peacock (Mayurasana and Pincha Mayurasana), the eagle (Garudasana), the bee (Bhramari Pranayama), the firefly (Tittibhasana) and also yoga fairies are present!

Nine of the twelve pictures are brand new, three decend from former time. This calendar is like all my creations designed with a lot of heart, humor and thoughtfulness. I hope, you will enjoy it and get inspired for great flights in 2017!

10% of the income from this calendar will be donated for animal and nature conservation.

opened wall calendar A3 with pin hole
closed calendar booklet A4

individually packed in PP plastic bag, glossy, fully transparent

calendar information
moon phase for every day, full and new moon times in UTC,
selected universal, religious and celestial events & holidays, in English

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wall calendar A3 (42 x 29,7cm / 16.52 x 11.69 in.)
plus 3 mandalas for coloring and to play with
saddle stitch binding
paper 170g/sqm from sustainable forestry sources (FSC certified)
produced 100% CO2 neutral
limited artist's edition with 1500 copies