POSTCARD Calendar 2019


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12 beautiful Shakticards for a tiny price!

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Natural High - postcard desk calendar 2019

The calendar comes in the form of a postcard desk calendar.
It fits on every desk and lights up the room with positive vibrations!
The 12 postcards (among those 6 new motifes) can easily be removed along the perforation lines. Furthermore the calendar contains 2 bonus cards with Mandalas.

The calendar is about PRANA or simply said Energy. The Sanskrit word prana is commonly translated with life energy or vitality. Nevertheless, the concept of Prana encloses everything What is, from the finest (mind, energy) up to the grossest (matter). Through yoga I have learnt a lot about prana – for example to feel the energy body and how to raise my personal energy level. I find this knowledge very helpful to keep body & mind healthy and balanced. Life is not just much more fun on a Natural High! Also personal transformation takes place faster. Energy is always changeable and infinite available. The more I understand the laws of energy - the better I can be creativ and playful with! 

Like all my works, this calendar has been created with a lot of thoughtfulness and love. I am very happy if it will accompany you throughout the year. Have a high & playful 2019!

   Shakti Silke de Sousa

10% of the income from this calendar will be donated for animal and nature conservation.

postcard desk calendar with standee from cardboard
size: H 16 cm x W 14.8 cm / H 6.3 x W 5.83 inch
individual packaging in PP foil bag
content: 15 pages, perforated, 12 Shakticards plus 2 Mandala cards, easy removal
limited artist's edition with 1500 copies
printed on postcard cardboard from sustainable forestry sources (FSC certified)
produced 100% CO2 neutral