About me

Hello, I am Silke de Sousa or simply called Shakti. I am the artist behind these paintings and I'd like to tell you how they came to be. It has to do with my search for happiness and freedom, with creativity and yoga.

I was born in the 1960s and grew up in a small village in the beautiful landscape of the Saxon Vogtland, East of Germany. Painting and drawing were means for me to escape the seriousness of life. Later I became graphic designer and had a small studio in Berlin. At the age of 32 years I got to know yoga. This changed my life, first slowly, later intensely and thoroughly! Now I feel arrived in many regards. The storm has taken a lot off me. What has remained is most simple and natural, like gratitude and the joy about living a happy and healthy life. Yoga, healthy nutrition, clarity and the courage to do, what I really love to do are part of my life. For example painting these pictures, sitting and dreaming under a tree or making me and others happy with yummy and healthy delicacies...

More about me you can see in the pictures. Enjoy it in color!