Artist's workshop

Tricked you... I don't have a workshop! I can work from my Berlin home studio or while travelling, with the view into the backyard or under the open sky. Luckily water colors, paper and pencils fit in every travel bag and on every table! Here I would like to give you an insight into the practical side of my art making.

How the images are done? What techniques and colours do you use? The original image is made completely by hand. I do a lot of pencil and colour sketches until the idea crystallizes to a concrete form. Sometimes I use photos to work out details. When the composition, the figure and the details are pretty clear I create a precise outline drawing with a black grease crayon – usually letter size. I photocopy the drawing, color the copy with water colors and set highlights with opaque white. When it's finished it will be scanned, followed by layout and printing.

How long does it take you to create an image? Difficult to say, because I use work on several images at the same time and never watch the clock! I generally work slowly and very precisely particularly in the finishing phase. It takes meat least one week, mostly much longer until a picture is mature.

What kind of skills do you have? I have loved to draw, paint and do delicate works since my childhood. In my teens and at art college I had lessons in nature and figure drawing and met some inspiring art teachers. Traditional art education was a valuable foundation for me. The Indian touch came with the influence of the yoga. I learned from Asian miniature painting by observing and copying.

Are you doing artwork by order? I love to work according to the spontaneous flow, so usually I don't work to order. But sometimes it may fit. Please feel free to contact me.

Do you sell the original images? So far not. They are very precious to me. I leave them to my grand children... haha!