Three Virtues


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postcard, Shakticard No. 82
text on the back: Das Schöne bewundern, das Wahre behüten, das Gute beschließen
(Engl. Admire the Beautiful, guard the True, decide on the Good.)

This postcard text is inspired by 2 philosophers. Socrates (469 - 399 BC) coined the concept of the 3 virtues - the good, the true and the beautiful - and valued it as the highest cultural values. The anthroposophical philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) took up this. In his poem it says:

Admire the beautiful,
To guard the truth
Adore the noble,
Decide on the good,
It guides people
To aim in life
In acting to the right,
In feeling at peace
In thinking to the light;
And teaches him to trust
To divine rule
In all there is:
In the universe,
In the ground of soul.

(translation of the German original)

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